Television distribution, multiple TV channels and data cabling

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A properly designed television distribution system, data cabling network and wireless data network should allow you to just plug into, or connect what you need, television, sound, telephone and computers. These can all work on a standard data network from anywhere in your business. But to do this, you need to plan ahead.

Television Distribution

Robert Skilton Aerial and Satellite specialises in rebuilding, designing, supplying and installing multi room distribution for television and data networks into hotels, motels, and retirement villages and staff accommodation through to cafes, restaurants and new homes. Robert will design, supply and install all equipment necessary for television signals, both digital and analogue, from 1 to 1000 television outlets.
Robert has travelled the length of the New Zealand, from Whangarei to Queenstown & Te Anau to consult and rebuild cabling systems in hotels. With Robert’s extensive knowledge and experience, he can help you use this technology to your advantage to serve your current and future needs.

Please take a look at our Facebook site to catch up on his current work.

Data Cable Installation

A properly designed cabling system will allow you to just plug into what you need; television, sound, telephone and computers can all work on a standard cable network from anywhere in your business. But to do that, you need to plan ahead.


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