Commercial – Satellite Installations: Television and Internet

Satellite is an essential communication tool to enhance your business operations where cable is not practical or impossible. Don’t leave your business communication to chance. Let Robert Skilton Aerial and Satellite design and install you an optimal communication solution. We use excellent quality products for reliability and consistency to simplify but also give maximum effect.

Satellite Television and Video Distribution

Distributing television to every room in your hotel or accommodation can be complex. With Robert’s extensive experience he can install large televisions or projector screens into every room of your accommodation, cafe bar or restaurant for maximum effect to enhance your business.

Robert can install televisions into retail outlets, waiting rooms and information centres for effective advertising and education. This is a tremendous sales tool for your products.

Get the best TV system for your retirement village, school, church or anywhere televisions might enhance your customer’s or resident’s experience through video distribution.

Audio and Sound or Music Distribution

Simplify your sound system and let Robert supply and install music or radio into every room of your accommodation, cafe bar or restaurant to enhance your business. Large television and projector screens can be added and we used excellent quality products for reliability and consistency to give maximum effect of your music.

Robert can also supply and install professional high audio sound systems into retail outlets, sports clubs, retirement villages, waiting rooms, schools, churches and information centres for easy listening.

Satellite Internet and Telephone

There are some areas of New Zealand where wireless internet and telephone will not work, therefore 2 Way Satellite Internet is the only option available. A telephone can also be installed to work via satellite.

Robert works alongside Wireless Nation to provide up-to-date, fast and reliable service for both satellite and ag services.

Design and Consultation

Robert Skilton can provide consultation where necessary for any work not carried out by himself directly. With Robert’s extensive experience he can guide you from start to finish! Contact Robert Skilton today.

Basic facts

Simple. Tidy. Effective. Installing SKY digital with distribution to all your accommodation rooms will improve your sales and market share.

Satellite, TV and telephone will work anywhere. Even on Mt Hamilton where Robert has serviced the repeater.


We can offer you:

Ways to help enhance your business


Television and Sound Systems to every room – SKY Movie Link and/or Ethnic television channels for your overseas guests.

Restaurant Cafe and Bar or Sports Club

Large television/projector screens for the sports fanatics, music videos and sound systems for easy listening music while dining or maybe your social area of your sports club.

Office or Waiting Room

A good sound system or television can be provided for your staff rest area or perhaps to ease the pain of waiting too long in your professional waiting room.

Shop or Retail Outlet

Televisions and sound systems in your shop or retail outlet can attract or educate customers about your product. It can also entertain the children to give your customers a better and more leisurely experience.

MDU and Staff Accommodation

Television, sound systems and video into flats/townhouses or any dwellings can attract tenants without the need for multiple dishes on your buildings. Treat and encourage your staff to stay by providing good entertainment after hours.

School or Church

Large television/projector screens and sound systems can easily be installed into your church.

Every classroom in your school should have a good television or projector screen to provide up-to-date education.

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