Data and entertainment system design

You want to get a solution to your computer and data network, television distribution system or internet connection needs. You want it to work, and be future proof. Read on.

Television distribution systems that work


There is no such thing as a really good cheap television distribution system! If there was everyone would have perfect pictures at all sites.

A good television distribution system can handle a large number of digital and analogue channels, to a large number of outlets, even over longer distances, and still produce high quality pictures at all outlets.


This will only happen if the system is designed correctly and installed correctly using only quality components, products, electronics and procedures.

Robert is able to design a system for your site that will deliver high quality and reliable pictures to all outlets across a site, no matter how large or small the site is.

Do not put your faith in anyone else. Robert has designed, built or refurbished sites with over 200 outlets with great success.


The days of analogue television pictures have disappeared! New televisions are being delivered with digital tuners and a television distribution system should reflect this by delivering digital quality pictures to the outlet and the television itself. The result of this is perfect pictures showing on the television screen.

Robert is Sky Television's most preferred contractor on complex commercial installations in the South Island and for Sky Television's larger Guest Select sites. The largest site constructed up to September 2018 was in Queenstown. This included 187 Sky Decoders in the Heritage Hotel.

Custom data and communication systems

Robert Skilton is here to provide you with the right solution. Once he's worked out your expectations by consulting you on your requirements, he can design you a network of cabling and wireless that is cost-effective since it will stand the test of time. And work properly.

Flexible and stable telephone systems

Your staff need to be able to communicate. Not just amongst themselves but with your clients. To do this effectively a system needs to be designed with YOUR business in mind both now and the future. Robert will ensure that whatever telephone network you need will work, work well, and work for a long time.

Use the best

You wouldn't trust a general installer to fix your computer, so why expect him to understand the complexities of a computer or digital network? Contact Robert Skilton now and save yourself the time, money and hassle someone else's mistake would cost you.

We can offer:

Make sure you have the solution that you need for office – Robert Skilton provides network hardware consultation services and custom-designed solutions to fit your data network requirements. 

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