Commercial - Computer Networks

Networking your computers together ensures your business will operate more efficiently. The network can be as large or small as you required whether it is for your office or temporary site.

Networking Computers

We can cable your computers throughout your office or use a wireless connection that enables temporary laptop connections to the network.

Data Cabling

We install all types of data cable installations from simple to extensive business systems within your business, depending on how many computers you want on your network. To maximise the full potential of networking depends on what the internet service is and what you plan to use the computers for. We install a copper or fibre optic network system depending on your needs.

Wireless Data Links

We can supply, design, install and commission wireless data links from ‘across the street’ to ‘tens of kilometres’ to extend your business network to remote sites and also serve to supply the internet to areas not covered by the telephone company.

We can provide temporary connections to seminars, conventions etc or job/construction sites.

Design and Consultation

Robert Skilton can provide consultation where necessary for any work not carried out by himself directly. With Robert’s extensive experience he can guide you from start to finish! So contact Robert Skilton today to get started on your perfect solution.

Get a proper network from the start. Don't use a general installer or the software nerd... you'll pay for it in the long (and very frustrating) run.

We can offer you:

Ways to help enhance your business

Share Files

Networking your computers saves time and money.

It gives you the advantage of having all your files stored in the same place ensuring everything is up-to-date.

Networking your computers will ensure that two people can’t be making corrections to a file at the same time – or equally, everyone able to make additions to a central database and sharing the result.

Share hardware

Creating an office local area network allows you to access shared printers, scanners and fax machines as well as programs, files and information.

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