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Ways to help enhance your business

Time-saving and focus

Telephone systems are not as expensive as you think and will save you time and therefore money:

• They are compact and user friendly

• No more staff multi-tasking

• Direct Dialing (DDI) means that you contact a staff member directly without going through the operator

• You can use your fax, scanner, email and telephone all at the same time

• No more missed calls

• Flexible and expandable

Small business?

Your business is never too small for a telephone system and is just as relevant to you as a larger business. Place a small phone system for easy access from garage to office to your lounge. You can also extend to bedrooms and kitchen if you wish! This will give your business a more professional edge.



A good telephone system is imperative to the smooth operation and image of your business. It can be as large or small as you require but remember when installing to allow room for expansion in the future should your business require this.

Telephone Systems

Robert Skilton Aerial and Satellite can customise your telephone system to your specific requirements complete with voicemail, menus and mailboxes. We supply and install small (up to 6 extensions) to large (100+ extensions) telephone networks.

Telephone data Links

Robert can supply, design, install and commission wireless data links for your telephone network from ‘across the street’ to ‘tens of kilometres’. This will extend your business network to remote sites and also serve to supply the internet to areas not covered by the telephone company.

We can also provide temporary connections to seminars, conventions etc or job/construction sites or wherever you need telephone extensions away from your main office.

Telephone Lines via Satellite

Is your business in a remote location and need a telephone?
Robert can arrange for a telephone to be installed via satellite to your site or business.

Design and Consultation        

Robert Skilton can provide consultation where necessary for any work not carried out by himself directly. With Robert’s extensive experience he can guide you from start to finish! So contact Robert Skilton today!



Telephone systems for your small or large officeGet your staff working efficiently with a clear, flexible, telephone network.

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